This is NOT an ordinary webshop
in which you buy a wheel "click, pay & go!"

but if you want to buy EUC T-shirts, mugs, caps etc...
just check below


When buying a wheel I want you to contact me by mail, phone
or by using the conctact link.


Because you will have questions
and I want to check that you really know what you are buying.

We offer the best prices with
1 year warranty with workshop in Sweden (!),
expert advices on the machine and riding tips,
AND 1 hour hands-on "private lesson" in the GBG area 

There is an element of PASSION in this,
and I want you to be part of the COMMUNITY (if you want to)
...not only buying a product.

you can reach me

by phone:
+46 708 - 56 54 05

by e-mail:

or use the CONTACT page

at the moment we do NOT sell EUC
Reason: Quality issues on last batches and waiting for updated models.
Also we have an ongoing project to build our own machine: design, controllercard, etc made for real forest riding... that will completely change tha name of the game 🙂

 Watch below how happy you will be with your EUC!